The Best Care for the Hair You Wear

When it comes to your hair care, you need the best shampoo and conditioner for extensions, wigs and weaves to keep you looking your best.

At RemySoft Solutions, we carry all the quality hair care products for remy hair that cleans without stripping natural oils. Our great sulfate free shampoo and conditioner is designed specifically for shiny hair extensions, wigs and weaves offering both natural and synthetic hair care. RemySoft products are also the ideal quality hair care for your natural hair.

We Offer Valuable Resources

In addition to the best hair care products you need to keep your synthetic and natural hair looking great, our website is filled with valuable resources on how to care for extensions, weaves and wigs.

Find out the history and the science behind RemySoft.

Check out Hair Jive, our blog for fun, informative articles on hair care and related topics. We also encourage you to join the conversation and share ideas with others. Read what other people are saying about our amazing hair care products.

At RemySoft Solutions, we are socially conscious, supporting those who have lost their hair through cancer treatments and other illnesses.

Especially for Vendors

Find out how you can become a vendor for these popular hair care products, just like Amazon, Adventhair and HairDirect, to name a few!